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Prudence Art

- A Graphic Community

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 community with ourviolethill 's graphics.

♣ - Do not take anything from this community and claim it as your own.
♣ - Please credit  prudence_art  or  ourviolethill  @ prudence_art
♣ - Comments are ♥ and feedback is very appreciated. 
♣ - Please do not edit any of the art unless it specifically says you can.
♣ - Hotlinking is highly despised.

affiliates comment here.
Comments and feedback are ♥ and always appreciated.

layout, profile banner

 [info]routinedrama, [info]clodeenie[info]xsaveyoursoul,
[info]elitegreenestew, [info]pinky_place, blair_graphix, dream_fairytale